RWS 42 Discussion


Welcome To The SiF Shoutbox!
emilythenwr12: So I recently found this: Will said audio productions soon be put on here? Feb 5, 2020 20:56:44 GMT
Mr. Coffey Pot: Any plans for the weekend? You can head over to BMRE 2020 event thread for more information! See you in the weekend! Feb 6, 2020 17:38:27 GMT
Madness: Today is Mike Grady's Birthday. He is 74, so I made him this new video: Feb 6, 2020 23:53:45 GMT
fobhew22: It's that time again! The latest ERS volume 'The Main Line Without Henry' is in the Library, courtesy of . Go and check it out! Feb 7, 2020 13:45:20 GMT
ThomasandMatt: Is good volume. Give read. Feb 8, 2020 2:53:34 GMT
OJ: Does anyone here watch Pitch Meetinngs on Youtube? It's a skecth about making a certain movie( Avengers, Lego Movie are examples of what's been done) Feb 8, 2020 12:49:17 GMT
OJ: I want to see one done about Magic Railroad, Misty Island Rescue and Day of the Diesels. Those could be goood Feb 8, 2020 12:49:27 GMT
fobhew22: that would be something worth watching! "So how does Thomas eventually get off this remote island he's been stranded on?" "It's super easy actually. Barely an inconvenience." Feb 8, 2020 23:05:31 GMT
ScarletSpider: "So, this train with a giant claw." Feb 10, 2020 18:56:28 GMT
ScarletSpider: "Yeah?" "Will he actually use it to threaten the steam locomotives?" "Not in this movie! It's just there for merch." Feb 10, 2020 18:56:56 GMT
OJ: "so morale of this movie is hold something precious to ransom and you'll end up getting what you want?" Feb 10, 2020 19:04:20 GMT
OJ: "Couldn't TFC tell the diesels he was making a Dieselworks in the first place?" "Yeah" So why didn't he?" "then we wouldn't have bad guys for this movie" "Good point" Feb 10, 2020 19:05:33 GMT
tweetsie12: Had anybody modded any of the Thomas songs into any of the Project Diva games? I've a bit of a casual fan of them. Feb 12, 2020 22:53:08 GMT
Sleeper Agent: Does anyone own 'Locomotives of the GNRI' by chance? Feb 12, 2020 23:32:17 GMT
fobhew22: As a Half Term bonus, an extra ERS volume has been released this week as well as next week! Read 'The Beast of Sodor' in the Library today. Feb 14, 2020 11:58:58 GMT
dtchapman1: You know, I've said in the past that 'Thunderbirds are Go' can be such a tease when it comes to it's overarching episodes, but this times, they have given us more then what we could have asked for. Feb 15, 2020 9:23:17 GMT
dtchapman1: I can't wait for the next episode. Feb 15, 2020 9:23:53 GMT
OJ: I've seen the epsiode myself and what an ending to part one. Can't wait for it to conclude. From what I hear I think the show is endng. Feb 15, 2020 15:50:13 GMT
OJ: I would like to have seeen another series but looks like the show will go out with a bang. Feb 15, 2020 15:50:30 GMT
Madness: 'Thunderbirds Are Go' is coming to an end after next Saturday's episode. I saw 'The Long Reach' myself and I loved it, and what a shocker to the end of part one. I hope part two is a superb finale to the series. Feb 16, 2020 23:30:11 GMT