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TheGreenBeetle: If only someone could tell me the class of this locomotive. Jul 11, 2021 2:13:17 GMT
aspiegurl: There's a TTTE youtube channel called TheBluePuffball and the creator says he's somebody that returned. Jul 12, 2021 5:56:04 GMT
Parker Productions: I have an announcement: Jul 12, 2021 17:32:47 GMT
TheRedEnginee: Hello, hope everyone is doing well 💜 Jul 14, 2021 4:25:27 GMT
harperman: i am Jul 14, 2021 15:45:13 GMT
TheGreenBeetle: Thank you TheRedEnginee Jul 14, 2021 16:14:34 GMT
The Thomas Cynic: Everything Great About... Day of the Diesels (and yes I skipped MIR reasons should be obvious): Jul 17, 2021 8:42:13 GMT
ShiningTime95: Made an interesting discovery about the newly released extended TATMR score... Jul 18, 2021 7:17:53 GMT
Mr. Coffey Pot: The thirty-second episode of #TheStationMastersOffice will soon be premiering in less than 10 minutes! Jul 19, 2021 16:51:25 GMT
Madness: Today is Genevieve McCarthy's Birthday. She voices Aubrey in 'Big World Big Adventures'. I have made her a special audio story for her birthday. It premieres tonight at 9:45pm (UK time): :D . Jul 21, 2021 11:39:13 GMT
fobhew22: It's new ERS volume day! Go and check out 'Engines and Enthusiasts' in the Library now! :) Jul 23, 2021 17:56:40 GMT
Loganthe9F51: I did it, everyone! A new blog post is up! Read it here:’-extraordinary-score Jul 24, 2021 17:42:36 GMT
aspiegurl: Update on TheBluePuffball. He simply had that other user's content and confessed he was an impersonator. Jul 24, 2021 19:31:13 GMT
OJ: Are people here following the He-Man scenario online? It looks like people don't like it. If it is bad then Mattel have screwed up.... again. I do intedn to watch the show at some point. Jul 28, 2021 12:55:51 GMT
Sleeper Agent: Scenario? Do you mean the Kevin Smith continuation? Heard the lack of He-Man himself has annoyed some fans but haven't seen it yet as I'm not on Netflix. Does look worth a watch though. Jul 29, 2021 10:21:10 GMT
OJ: Yes that He-Man cartoon. Alot of people don't seem to like it. I also intend to watch it. Jul 29, 2021 10:25:23 GMT
Armada Starscream: Anyone who thinks that Marion was designed to be the Thomas version of Scuttlebutt Pete? The two are remarkably similar: a digger/dredger that keeps talking on, and who the engines/tugs aren't fond of working with. It seems too closely to be a coincidence Jul 30, 2021 1:02:41 GMT *
Ryan: I'd argue that save for Sam, there was no-one working on the show at the time who'd have been familiar with Tugs to make the connection and make it happen. It's highly unlikely Jul 30, 2021 14:08:00 GMT
TheGreenBeetle: Makes me wonder how Big Mickey came to life in the world of Thomas LOL Jul 30, 2021 19:42:01 GMT
TheGreenBeetle: Aside from previous background cameos from the Model Series Jul 30, 2021 19:46:07 GMT