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splatter: Hello all! I'm super excited to announce that I've made a blog - the Thomas Cynic. I made my first post today, and I know it will interest a good few of you. Nov 22, 2020 9:19:45 GMT
Loganthe9F51: Nice, man! Can’t wait! Nov 22, 2020 17:38:54 GMT
BNSF1995: Happy 57th anniversary to Doctor Who! Nov 23, 2020 9:35:25 GMT
Ryan: Yesterday I attended a conference call where details of the upcoming 2021 Reboot of Thomas & Friends were detailed by one of the animators in an interview. Blog drops at 9pm:
Nov 23, 2020 16:23:29 GMT
splatter: Sounds very, very interesting. Nov 23, 2020 16:55:54 GMT
lbscre1: Great. Definitely gonna read that. Nov 23, 2020 19:16:48 GMT
GeebMachine: Braces yourselves; it's triggering. Nov 23, 2020 22:30:00 GMT
thethinmiko: American railfans switch their laundry, British railfans shunt their laundry Nov 23, 2020 22:34:12 GMT
thethinmiko: A little bit of wordplay I'd been sitting on Nov 23, 2020 22:34:33 GMT
Corona~!: Huh, interesting. If Google's right, then Sodor's slogan of "Nil Unquam Simile" can mean either "There's nothing quite like it" or "Nothing will never be the same". Nov 24, 2020 0:28:07 GMT *
Corona~!: Gotta say, after that recent news about the direction of the show's future, I know which I feel's more apt. Nov 24, 2020 0:28:25 GMT
splatter: This is just awful - no other words. Not only are they destroying the show's legacy, they have the audacity to claim they are trying to protect it. Nov 24, 2020 7:51:24 GMT
Loganthe9F51: The man speaking has clearly never watched an episode of Thomas in his freaking life. Nov 25, 2020 0:55:45 GMT
TheGreenBeetle: All I can say is: The Entertainment business is not always nice. There will be people out there that are not aware of what they work for & they have the power to do what they want with it. Nov 25, 2020 18:05:51 GMT
thethinmiko: The reboot is a travesty and Awdry is spinning so fast in his grave, if used for electricity, could have the power output of a thousand dyson spheres. Nov 25, 2020 21:37:39 GMT
dtchapman1: I've just read a comment on the thread and It has given me inspiration, that I think all of us should do. Everyone who reads and comments in this Shoutbox should do it. I will start it and I hope others to follow. Nov 25, 2020 21:41:17 GMT
dtchapman1: Sharron Miller, we're sorry Nov 25, 2020 21:41:27 GMT
Loganthe9F51: HiT, we’re sorry. Nov 25, 2020 22:29:58 GMT
Vought Sikorsky: I mean, just because there's something worse, doesn't immediately make something which still is bad by proxy good. That's my two cents. Nov 26, 2020 3:42:18 GMT
BrakeCoach: Is Christopher Awdry doing something special for SiF? I heard Nov 26, 2020 5:59:34 GMT