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Sleeper Agent: Hi TC. You can use your Tweets after a fashion but to post freely you'll need to sign up to an image hosting site like Imgur (free). Aug 27, 2020 19:08:29 GMT
TC TUGS: Thanks Sleeper Agent, got it sorted now :) Aug 27, 2020 19:10:00 GMT
Mr. Coffey Pot: Hello Ben (), It's Daniel! How did you get on? Aug 27, 2020 20:15:55 GMT
Parker Productions: I actually did a Shout about this last week to help new friends to SiF - Imgur is your best bet :) Aug 28, 2020 9:24:45 GMT
TC TUGS: Hi Daniel, doing fairly well thank you. Aug 28, 2020 9:27:19 GMT
TC TUGS: Thanks Jamie, Sigman sent me the link to a decent site so we's good to go! Aug 28, 2020 9:28:04 GMT
LNERandBR: Unfortunately this week is your last
release. However, we're getting one last dose of summer with Sodor's only seaside miniature railway :)
Aug 28, 2020 15:20:43 GMT *
DmayExpress: ’s Extended Cut version of #TATMRParody! Sept 1, 2020 1:20:32 GMT *
DmayExpress: Isle of Magic: Sept 2, 2020 4:11:30 GMT
stegarcia118: Always remember: Coughs and Sneezles spreads diseasels. Sept 2, 2020 5:59:39 GMT *
DmayExpress: Today’s new fan made episode: Sept 4, 2020 0:29:27 GMT
Loganthe9F51: And here's the latest from EE93! Sept 4, 2020 16:35:15 GMT
Mr. Coffey Pot: I wonder what tonight's episode of #TheStationMastersOffice has in store in regard to a certain cancelled episode... Find out at 7 PM (UK time)! Sept 4, 2020 17:19:58 GMT
Christopher: Meanwhile, here's a reminder of the latest ERS video from - 'Things That Go Bump In The Shed'! ---> Sept 6, 2020 10:18:26 GMT
Loganthe9F51: I just wrote my first ever RWS-style book! Please give it a read and leave some feedback for me! Sept 6, 2020 19:20:31 GMT
fobhew22: After four years, 'The Railwayman's Reminisces' is BACK! Read the latest update of Ryan's ground-breaking ERS Novel by visiting the ERS Novels Library, or click here: Sept 11, 2020 15:48:08 GMT
funkmastermark: I like to see some new audio stories Sept 13, 2020 0:13:47 GMT
novarose122001: Hello! My name is Nova, Nova Rose the Literature Writer! I am very pleased to be here to write stories about my favorite show of all time! I am welcomed to be messaged if there is any questions you want about me, or anything in general! Sept 13, 2020 18:52:08 GMT *
splatter: Hello Nova! Hope you enjoy your time here - have dry rails and a good running! Sept 14, 2020 6:04:34 GMT
Christopher: Hold on to your hats, because the latest release in the Library is going to be tense! Find out why in 'Dick the Troublesome Diesel' ---> Sept 18, 2020 11:56:12 GMT