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Christian the Atlantic Class: That explains. May 12, 2021 14:01:39 GMT
harperman: just finished all 4 story's for this RWS Thingy May 12, 2021 18:45:04 GMT
harperman: Also i have read up to 149 of 376 ERS Volumes May 12, 2021 22:47:47 GMT
zeldatheswordsm: Railway modelling hot take: Daylight under the boiler is overrated in OO, and it might be best to glue acetate shielding behind it on locos that have it to mitigate dust inflow. Especially locos where the body is actually screwed to the chassis. May 12, 2021 23:19:41 GMT
Engine 87546: Happy 76th anniversary to The Three Railway Engines. Published on May 12th, 1945. May 13, 2021 1:22:50 GMT
harperman: I Have also read through the entirety of ERS Novel 6 May 13, 2021 14:54:41 GMT
Mr. Coffey Pot: ~ A brand new episode of #TheStationMastersOffice is now available to view on YouTube from yours truly! May 13, 2021 18:25:06 GMT
jimzebmk1: Happy 70th anniversary to the Talyllyn Railway today - here's to many more years of gallant old engines! May 14, 2021 13:01:47 GMT
ZachThomas2K: I posted a new game in the game thread if anyone wants to check it out May 14, 2021 21:43:05 GMT
ZachThomas2K: It's based off of the past acronym game but this time for RWS and Annual/Magazine stories May 14, 2021 21:43:27 GMT
TheGreenBeetle: I officially graduated College. Done with school May 14, 2021 21:50:08 GMT
harperman: Good Job TheGreenBeetle May 14, 2021 22:29:31 GMT
TheGreenBeetle: Thanks harperman May 14, 2021 22:31:39 GMT
harperman: np TheGrenBeetle May 15, 2021 0:35:15 GMT
Alex: I too offer my congratulations to you, GreenBeetle. May 15, 2021 4:42:20 GMT
The Thomas Cynic: New video! Everything great about Calling All Engines, in the style of CinemaWins: May 15, 2021 6:13:37 GMT
harperman: i saw it, it was a very good video :D May 15, 2021 10:49:38 GMT
The Thomas Cynic: Thanks! :) May 15, 2021 13:21:18 GMT
TheGreenBeetle: Thank you Alex as well. I just saw your message, but thanks May 15, 2021 15:33:28 GMT
TheGreenBeetle: I just got the Engine Themes CD from Mike O'Donnell. May 15, 2021 20:28:34 GMT